The Vision

Year after year slipped by and all those that were involved in the SWTPM, Heart to Heart Marriage Encounter Program, began to learn, see and feel the hearts of the people behind bars; the ones that the Lord had led them to. It was clearly seen by all that each person bond or free was very much alike; everyone laughs, cries, struggles, hurts, experiences the highs and lows of life and makes both good and bad choices. The commitment and endurance that the inmate couples had for their relationships made everyone take along look at themselves, all began to learn from one another. Race, color, man, woman, size or wealth (or lack of it), everyone needed Jesus and everyone needed to be loved, to love back and be forgiven. In their off time, Jerry, Tommie and Chip Wood began to ride their motorcycles together which quickly became another love in life, as they rode more and more conversation took place about the desire for a motorcycle ministry. Little did they know it was not their idea, God had planted yet another seed in their hearts. In reading the bible, Tommie read the scripture that tells that we are all called into the ministry of reconciliation. The three agreed that The Reconcilers was the perfect name. Also, she found a cross that was a perfect cross for the logo and things began to fall into place. There was only one thing missing, what would The Reconcilers be doing? The Lord had not yet revealed that part, so once again they waited. One day on their way to do a church service at the Lynaugh Prison Unit, Jerry, Tommie, and Chip (now joined with his new wife Pam) agreed that in the service each of them would share whatever God put on their heart. There were about 127 inmates in that service. As Jerry, Tommie, Chip and Pam spoke, it turned out to be almost the same story between them as they told about hurts, broken relationships, forgiveness, and doing what the lord said to do about it; the four of them were amazed. About 87 men came for prayer or to share something or maybe for counseling, but there was not enough time to do what was needed for those men. At that point, the three-some knew that this was what The Reconcilers were going to be about. A meeting was set up in early spring 2005 at the home of Charles and Laura Troxel, to talk over the possibility of forming a new ministry called, The Reconcilers Motorcycle Ministry. In attendance of that meeting were: Charles and Laura Troxel, Virgil (Laura’s son), Tracy and Susan Guerry, Chip and Pam Wood and Jerry and Tommie Hatfield; the co-ministers. The outcome of that meeting was bottom line, none of them knew what was going to really happen but they were all ready to go. That day pictures were taken of the group in order to build a poster of The Reconcilers Motorcycle Ministry.  Shortly afterwards, a pilot program was set for the 80 John Wallace Unit, Colorado City Texas. The posters were sent out announcing the coming of The Reconcilers Motorcycle Ministry and their vests were ready. For that one evening the beginning group came together with several other folks and also Tracy Guerry had two friends that played music with him to come along. There was excitement and loads of fun but above all, lives were touched by the mighty heart and had of God; once again how very little did they know was in store for years to come.