The Heart

As the ministry began to take shape and form, the schedule was set for a year in advance. Tracy and Susan, Val and Kandy Franklin, John East, Don Taylor and Kevin Karr formed the Reconcilers’ band. New people started to come on board. Most of them stayed and some left. A new one piece patch was made by inmates at the Walls Unit with the ministry logo on it. A ministry banner was also made. It became clearly visible day by day that none of the story above was out of the minds, hearts, skills or talent of anyone. God has used, placed and developed it all by the leading of His Spirit, the only thing that each person knew to do was to allow Him to do it and that He has and will always work in hearts that are open to “His Will”. Everyone stood in awe at things that were happening every time they went. Gang member’s lives were miraculously changed, and bitter unforgiving people cried tears of joy as their hearts of stone wet broken as they gave all up to Jesus. Once again the Reconcilers also discovered life changing things going on in their lives as well. A new fire and love started growing inside of them as God revealed Himself to each person on a deeper level than before. In becoming a Reconciler, each found out that they were not just joining a ministry but they had the freedom of becoming a ministry in themselves. They were more able to share form their heart to those in need; it is always a win win with God. As the many wonderful stories have become evident through the years it is plain to see the best is yet to come and more of it. There is one thing for sure in this world we live in, God loves and cares for everyone on the earth. His love, grace, mercy, forgiveness and more than we can dream or imagine is there to be received to all those that will. And my friends, that is the message the God has put on the hearts of the Reconcilers. May you be richly blessed today for this is THE day that He has made, so let us rejoice and be glad in it. There is Hope! -Always in Christ Jesus.