The Feast

A very important part of the ministry, are the meals that are brought into the prison for the whole event and everyone in it. Many people are lead to think that it is just food for those who do not get good food or that it is a gift to them. In the Bible much is to be said about the things that are written concerning feasting together, that will be one of the greatest events in Heaven when we all gather for the feast. It is unlikely that the event will be all about food; therefore more is involved than we may realize. It may be greater than we have knowledge of now but let us think of the value of family meals such as Thanksgiving. It is not just about the food, most of us have plenty of that. Just some of the benefits are fellowship, family, love, traditions to have a sense of belonging, and that they are of great value to the Lord. Most of us all experience sadness when we see people that are alone on holidays and for most part many want to help those that are alone. Have you ever thought just how much more the Lord wants that for each and every one of His family? Not just physical food, but everything that mankind would ever have need of. Many of these people in white, stand in awe to think that the all mighty God would bring such things as this to them. This is what the Lord desires to convey through this ministry that His people have worth, purpose, meaning and He desires to feed them with every good thing. Also, God has placed on the hearts of many people outside the prison walls to give as He has given to them and they do so without question and with grateful hearts. Not just worldly food but in all things, however He leads them even though they may never set foot inside of a prison, their presence is spiritually felt during the entire program. As you can tell this is a quick overview of the ministry, with many untold stories, facts and details but as you can see there are so many folks out here that have the heart of God for those behind prison walls, they are not left alone. Yet lots of things are not known of, felt or even seen but as you can tell they are there. Over all as a ministry, our lives are so mightily blessed and we are honored to be in God’s service to His chosen people. Thanks be to Him and you.