The Call

In 1985 Tommie Hatfield felt a direct call from God to minister inside prison walls. The what when and where were yet to come. A year later she entered her first prison in Gatesville Texas, realizing just how real the call from God was.  Later in 1986, Tommie became the Southwest Texas area director for "Texas Do Care Prison Ministry". She traveled across Texas to most of the prisons in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The ministry was wonderful and fulfilling and lives were changed and set free, as was Tommie. And talk about change, in 1988 a man who vowed to never set foot inside of any prison became a part of Texans Do Care Prison Ministries, Tommie’s husband Jerry Hatfield. Shortly after that, they were invited to participate in the second marriage seminar ever done in TDCJ.  Tommie and Jerry remained there, loving everything about it until 1994 when they became founders of their first 501 (C3) nonprofit organization, "Southwest Texas Prison Ministry and Family Outreach". Tommie developed the "Heart to Heart" marriage encounter program and the couple implemented the program along with a few others in prison units across the state of Texas. Hundreds of men, women and families were set free by the Lord.